How to hide apps in android without launcher

There is always a chance of your private things or apps getting seen by any of your close family member or friend. There is always some fear in us when some private things are present in the phone and the phone is not secured. Some people want to hide their secret apps but at the same time don’t want to change their user interface which means they don’t want to install any launcher. So for those people today in this article we will tell you about how to hide apps on android without launcher.

It could be your gallery app which you want to hide as you may have private photos, or it may contain some dating apps like tinder which you don’t want that others should know it. Phone becomes a special part of life and therefore it has many secrets of us inside us. So you don’t have to worry. If you want to hide apps in android without launcher then you should read the full article. I am sure that at the end you will be finally able to hide apps without launcher.

If you want to hide any pre-installed app then you can follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly open the settings of your phone and head to apps tab.
  • A list all the apps which are present in your phone will be shown to you. Now just simply choose the app which you want to hide.
  • Now tap the disable option and always agree with the pop-ups. By this way your pre-installed apps will be hided. You can anytime use them by just simply going back to settings and press the run button.

Now here comes the best method to hide apps in android without launcher and is very simple too. It doesn’t take much time and the best thing is you don’t have to root your phone to hide apps in android without launcher. So to do this just simply follow my steps:

STEP 1: First of all download privacy hider ,it is easily available on playstore. You can simply search it in the search bar and install it in your phone. Privacy hider is a very powerful app which has a magic power of hiding your apps in android without launcher. You can hide your apps completely and nobody will able to find them. Now just launch the privacy hider.

STEP 2: Now when you open the app you will see a very clean and smooth user interface. On the main screen you will find a (+) icon at the right corner in the top. Now select the app that you want to hide and click the done button.

STEP 3: Now when you successfully add the app in the privacy hider, just simply go to your settings and uninstall that app which you have selected to be hidden in the privacy hider. Once you uninstall the app you have successfully hidden your app.

Now you must have thought how we will use the app if it is uninstalled. No need to worry, when you have uninstalled the hidden app nobody could see it but when you enter the correct password in the privacy hider app you can successfully use that app without losing your data. Privacy hider has very cool function of creating a safe space to store all the apps which you choose to be hidden in it. As long as the right password would not be entered nobody could use your hidden app.

Another shocking feature of privacy hider is that it can himself hide it. For doing so you just have to choose the option of protection for privacy hider. Now there you will see three option to hide your app. You can hide this app by pretending the app to be calculator or dialer or you can lock the app by pattern or fingerprint to make it more secure. Moreover you can add security questions to it. Now when you hide the privacy hider no one will be able to reach it until a right password is entered.

You can also hide apps in android without launcher by using the applock app. This app is also easily available on the playstore. For doing this:

  • Simply download the applock from the playstore and install it in your phone.
  • When you will open it for the first time it will ask you to set up a pattern or pin code and ask you to set some question so that if you forget your password you can recover by it.
  • When you will reach to its main screen you will find the list of apps that are installed in your phone. Now just simply select the app you want to hide and tap on it and voilaaaa ,you are done. It is more simple to hide apps in android without launcher by applock then the privacy hider. But privacy hider has more features as compared to applock.

Applock also provides extra customization for your phone. You can store your private photos and videos in that app too. So I am sure that by reading this article you must have learnt how to hide apps in android without launcher.

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