Dolby Atmos Sound Apk Free Download

Dolby Atmos Sound Apk Free Download

We all love to listen songs and watch movies on our phone. We listen to our favourite music so that they can please us and watch movies so that they can entertain us in a good way, but for that the quality of sound must be good. Imagine watching a movie in 4k but with a blurry sound. There will be no entertainment. So for enhancing the sound quality there is an dolby atmos apk which you have to install in your phone. Installing the dolby atmos apk in your phone will take your music experience to another level. You will be please to hear the music sound and will be too happy to listen the sound in the movies only by just installing dolby atmos apk in your phone.


Earlier dolby atmos was only available for pc and laptops, but now by the virtue of the extending technology dolby atmos is now available for android smartphones too. There are two option to install dolby atmos apk in your phone, the first is by rooting your phone and second is without rooting. Dolby atmos is basically a surround sound technology that enhances the sound experience and makes it great to listen. Dolby laboratories first produced dolby atmos in june 2012. Actually dolby atmos was firstly released in the cinemas where you can enjoy the surrounding sound and get entertained.

Some amazing Hollywood movies like the batman vs superman, infinity war used the dolby atmos surround sound.For creating a dolby surroundd cinema they haive up to or more than 64 speakers placed in various directions in order to create 3d sound effect. Now with the huge transition in technology has bought dolby atmos surround sound in android devices too. Lenovo A7000 was the first smartphone to be launched with dolby atmos sound and had got a remarkable number of sales. By seeing this the android developers ported dolby atmos from leno a700 to other android phones too so that other phones can be able to install dolby atmos apk too.


At the present time there are only few smartphones available right now which come with dolby atmos pre installed in it. But you don’t have to take tension of anything,we will guide you and make sure you are able to install it without any difficulty.

1.WITHOUT ROOTING: You can install dolby atmos apk without rooting your phone too.Some of the requirements for installing dolby atmos apk are:

#Google play music app

#Dolby atmos apk

#Android phone (without root)

Now you have to follow these steps to install the dolby atmos apk:

STEP 1: Firstly you have to download and install the dolby atmos apk file.

STEP 2: Secondly you have to now reboot your phone. But you need not to open dolby atmos app instantly.

STEP 3: Thirdly you have to install google play music, you can skip if already installed. It is necessary to install as it will run only on google play music and not others apps like gaana and spotify.

STEP 4: Fourthly you have to disable the default equalizer of your phone. This is a necessary step as if you will not do it then it will reflect unfortunately stopped error.

STEP 5: Now you have to simply open your google play music app and head on to settings, then navigate to equalizer and there you have to enable the dolby atmos. Many of the times it is automatically enabled but for confirmation you can follow this step.

Now you can play any of your favourite song and you will realize that the sound is crystal smooth and very pleasing.

2.WITH ROOTING: If you follow this step then you have to first root your phone. You can use any of the rooting apps like kingoroot or framaroot and these are the best to use and are very popular. You can easily find them and download from the web.

The requirements to install dolby atmos apk after rooting your device are:

#You should have unlocked bootloader which is quite neccesarry.

#Your rooted device must be running on jellybean or above android version.

#You should have a custom recovery installed.

#You must have the dolby atmos zip file.

#You must first have proper knowledge of how to root and bootloader and most important is custom recovery.

Before starting the process i want to clear that if you don’t have proper knowledge about unlocking OEM and custom recovery then you must not try it as one single mistake can ruin your system software. You should have proper knowledge about these things before starting.

STEP 1: Firstly download download dolby atmos zip file into your phone which is only for rooted phones.

STEP 2: Secondly, power off your device and now reboot to recovery mode by pressing power button with volume down at the same time. Now go to install button and click on it,this option is mainly located in TWRP recovery.

STEP 3: Now locate the dolby atmos zip file. Then it will ask you to swipe to install, simply just click on it. Hold the big circle in the left and swipe it to the right. Now you have to wait for few seconds and it will be installed.

STEP 4: Now in the final step you just have to restart your phone and now you can enjoy that heavenly sound of your favourite songs.

So these were the two methods of installing dolby atmos apk into your phone. You can do it by rooting your phone and not rooting your phone too. The cons of installing dolby atmos apk in your phone is that it will not give the real effect of dolby atmos surround sound. If you really want to experience the boom sound of dolby atmos then you can first gain proper knowledge about the rooting and bootloader options and install dolby atmos apk by rooting your phone. Hope you were helped.


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