How do women do strength training?

How do women do strength training?

Strength training with heavy weights is not only for men or at least for those who want big muscles, and therefore they stay far away from that kind of training. Others want to start strength training, but may feel embarrassed about having to move around the men in “their” environment – “What do they think of me?”, “What if I do the exercise wrong?” etc.

But here I would like to emphasize that strength training is extremely beneficial for both men & women – and no, women do not get big and muscular from strength training – not even with heavy weights. If you are overweight, it is about working out a balanced diet and circuit training alongside strength training, so that the excess fat is replaced with muscles, which tighten and tone the body.

So what are the benefits of strength training besides getting a tight and toned body ?

  • The actual rebuilding right after the strength training as well as the built muscle mass boosts your metabolism , so your body burns more calories – even when you are just sitting on the couch.
  • It delays the body’s aging processes
  • It strengthens bones, ligaments & tendons , which reduces injuries both in connection with training but also in the normal daily activities and is perfect for rehabilitation.
  • New studies suggest that strength training increases muscle insulin sensitivity , which can be extremely beneficial for people with diabetes 2.

So jump out of your comfort zone and start strength training 

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