Create your new healthy lifestyle

Create your new healthy lifestyle

People walk around with a bad conscience about not getting anything done about their lifestyle – eating healthier, getting a little (more) exercise, etc. We postpone the project “until Monday”, “when the presentation at work is handed in”, “when the period with all the confirmations is over ”etc. – and often something new gets in the way, which makes us postpone it once again.

It can also seem overwhelming to change lifestyles when we live a life where the hours of the day feel scarce and where the profits are not for the big changes in everyday solid habit patterns. We need our autopilots so that the everyday engine runs optimally.

It is therefore about changing 1-2 habits at a time and developing them into new autopilots.

Use the next few days to make a schedule of the elements you would like to change about your lifestyle and prioritize them in order according to how much they mean to you.

You have to get all the way to the core – ie. it is not enough to write that you want a more toned body, or that you want to lose weight – you must specify your desire, and most importantly, it must be realistic.

It could look like this:

  1. I want to drink a delicious smoothie for breakfast every weekday
  2. I will run Monday and Wednesday after work
  3. I want to make meal plan every Sunday
  4. I want to eat 2/3 vegetables for every evening meal
  5. I will try 1 new healthier recipe every Wednesday
  6. I want to drink mine. 1.5 liters of water every day
  7. Etc.

Remember not to change too many things at once – it usually becomes too stressful in the long run, and many go straight back to all their old habits.

Also remember not to have negative thoughts about your new habit – do not think: “Oh, I can not run” but instead try to find the good things about you going out running such as: “When I is out running, I get some peace and quiet and time for myself, and I need it ”,“ When I come back I have a super good feeling in the body ”etc .. Your thoughts control your feelings / actions – so think actively positively about your new habit – even if you may not believe in the thoughts at first!

The good news is that a good habit is usually contagious to several of these – and when a healthier habit has established itself as an autopilot, you have created a healthier addiction.

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