Who Is Bill Bailey? Things you need to know Bill Bailey

Who Is Bill Bailey? Things you need to know

Bill Baily is an famous English actor, comedian and musician. His famous charactor is Played in the sitcom Black Books as manny , and also he is known for standup shows where he merges music and comedy.

He also appeared on show panels such as Buzzcocks , Have I Got News for you and QI.

His show Is It Bill Bailey? was aired on BBC Two in 1998, he also appeared as maxxie’s dad in Channel 4 teen drama.

Bill also worked in The Long Run Comedy written and Idris Elba about hollywood actor’s early life.

He is also well trained musician and Bill also performed with boy band The Famous Five.

Mark is Bill Bailey’s real name, His nickname Bill Bailey came from a school. A Music Teacher in a school who often used to play the jazz song ‘Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey’ on his Guitar.

You can catch Bill Bailey On Instagram : @the_bill_bailey

How Old is Bill Bailey ?

Bill Bailey was born on January 13, 1965 in Bath, Somerset. He is 55 Years old.

Bill Bailey met a Bill’s gigs in 1987 When she was running bar in edinburgh. He has been married to Kristin since 1998. Bill’s Wife Kristin is a former Costume Designer who is now managing Bill’s Business affairs.

Living Together a happy life they had son in 2003 named Dax. Name ‘Dax’ came from one of their friend who has been married to indonesia man . They has son called Dax. Both Kristin and Bill Liked being with it and always thought whenever they had child it will be named Dax.


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