International Corona infects number over 58 lakhs

Corona infects number over 58 lakhs


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new Delhi. The number of corona virus (Kovid 19) infected worldwide has crossed the figure of 5.8 million, while the epidemic has killed more than 3.60 lakh people so far. According to data released by John Hopkins University’s Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE), the Corona virus has infected 58,08,672 people worldwide while 3,60,289 people have died.

The United States ranks first in the world and Brazil in second and Russia in the case of the corona virus. On the other hand, in the death toll due to this pandemic, America is also at number one, while Britain is second and Italy is at number three. In the US alone, more than one million people have become the victims of the corona epidemic.

In the last 24 hours 7466 new cases of corona infection have been reported in India and 175 people have died while 3414 patients have got relief from this disease. According to the data released by the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry on Friday, 1,65,799 people have been affected and 4706 people have died due to its infection so far in different states and union territories of the country, while 71,106 people got rid of this disease. Have managed to get

So far, 17,21,479 people have been affected by the corona epidemic in the US, which is considered a world superpower, while 1,01,597 people have died. The number of infected in Brazil has exceeded four and a half million. Here 4,38,238 people have fallen prey to it and 26,754 people have died.

In Russia too, the outbreak of Kovid-19 is increasing and so far 3,79,051 people have been affected by its infection here. While 4142 people have lost their lives. In Britain too, the situation is getting worse due to this infection. So far, 2,70,508 people have been infected by this epidemic and 37,919 people have died.

In the European country Italy, this epidemic has caused a lot of havoc. So far, 33,142 people have died due to this and 2,31,732 people have been infected. So far 2,37,906 people have been infected in Spain while 27119 people have died.

No new cases of infection or death have been reported in the last 24 hours in China, the source of the global pandemic corona. So far 84,106 people have been infected and 4638 people have died. In the European country France and Germany, the situation is very bad due to this deadly virus. In France, 1,86,364 people have been infected so far and 28,665 people have died. In Germany, 1,82,196 people have been infected with the Corona virus and 8,470 people have died.

So far, 1,60,979 people have been infected by Corona in Turkey and 4,461 have died. The Gulf country Iran, which is severely affected by the Corona virus, has infected 1,43,849 people while 7627 people have died due to it.

9388 in Belgium, 9044 in Mexico, 6982 in Canada, 5922 in the Netherlands, 4266 in Sweden, 4099 in Peru, 3313 in Ecuador, 1919 in Switzerland, 1639 in Ireland and 1369 in Portugal. Apart from this, the number of people infected with this deadly virus in neighboring country Pakistan has exceeded 60 thousand. So far 61,227 people have been infected and 1260 people have died.

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