Politics Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted Modi government

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted Modi government


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new Delhi. On Tuesday (May 26), Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked the government in power at the Center and accused him of failing the lockdown implemented to prevent the spread of corona virus infection. Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said two months ago that we will defeat the corona virus in 21 days, but now 60 days later, the corona virus is increasing rapidly in our country and the lockdown is being removed. Rahul said that the motive for the lockdown has completely failed.

At the press conference, Rahul Gandhi said that the four stages of the lockdown have not yielded the results that the PM had expected. In such a situation, now we want to ask the government what the government will do next, because the lockdown has failed. Rahul alleged that PM Modi was seen playing on the front foot in the early days, but now he is on the backfoot. But the PM will have to come to the front foot again.

Congress leader Rahul further said that nothing is going to happen with the package announced by Prime Minister Modi. People in the government fear that if more money is given to the poor, then the wrong message will go to outside countries. Rahul said that India’s power is poor, in such a situation should not worry outside.

Regarding the problem of laborers, Rahul Gandhi said that today the workers are saying that our trust is broken, no one should say these words because nobody’s trust in the country should be broken. The government can still help the laborers and give 7500 rupees to the account of every laborer. On permission for the work of laborers in other states by the UP government said that laborers do not have personal property of anyone, they can work anywhere. In such a situation no one can stop anyone.

Rahul Gandhi said about the growing cases in Maharashtra, the more connected places are, the corona is there. There are more cases in Mumbai-Delhi, we are supporting the government in Maharashtra but are not able to take decision. We are capable of taking decisions in Punjab-Chhattisgarh-Rajasthan, but Maharashtra should also get help from the central government. We can only give suggestions to the central government, but what the government has to believe is up to them.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that when the whole world is removing the lockdown, there are less cases, but cases are increasing and the lockdown is being removed. Rahul asked that PM Modi should answer what he is doing for the poor, for the farmers. Taking a dig, the Congress leader said that the government should accept the truth, as it was said that everything would be fine in 21 days but it has been 60 days.

Regarding employment, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that there were already employment difficulties in the country, but the lockdown would cause another deep injury. In the coming days, the number of employment can increase rapidly, so it is necessary to have money in the hands of common people.

About Congress ruled states, Rahul Gandhi said that our governments are giving money, giving food to the poor. We know what to do next but the states will fight the battle alone. The central government will have to come forward and talk to the country about the strategy.

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