Politics Need to remove lockdown wisely: Rahul Gandhi

Need to remove lockdown wisely: Rahul Gandhi


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new Delhi. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has said that the biggest need at the moment is to defeat the corona virus (Kovid-19) by continuing the lockdown carefully to initiate business activities and maintain demand and supply by putting money in the pocket of the poor Has

Rahul Gandhi on Friday told regional media representatives through video conferencing that it is necessary to put money in the pockets of the poor as it is necessary to maintain the demand and supply chain. The government has to put cash in the pockets of the poor, agricultural laborers, migrant laborers and farmers of the country to enable them to purchase. The economic crisis has escalated due to the epidemic and to end it the lockdown needs to be wisely removed.

He said “Removing and installing lockdowns is a complex process. There is talk of opening a lockdown, if it is opened without thinking it will be a loss, so it is to take this step by thinking, understanding and keeping people safe. Migrant laborers need to be delivered safely to their homes. They have to pay cash and enable them. ”

Rahul Gandhi said that the Modi government is copying foreign countries in many decisions related to Korena. He said, “We have to take decision by looking at the heart of India, not taking any decision by looking abroad.” In the Corona crisis both demand and supply are closed.

The government has to give speed to both. Now the demand of the loan package that the government has said is not going to start because, how will people buy without money. Money needs to be given to start the demand and a scheme like ‘Nyaya’ can help in this. There is a possibility of huge economic loss if demand does not start, which may be bigger than Corona. “

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