Health WHO also believed the decision to increase lockdown will...

WHO also believed the decision to increase lockdown will be correct


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Geneva. In view of the increasing corona virus and death cases in India, the Indian government is taking the idea of ​​increasing the lockdown of the current 21 days. The World Health Organization has also warned that if the lockdown is lifted, the number of infection cases and deaths will increase rapidly. The Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adnom Gebreyes, said in a press conference that we would like to see everything going normal, but lifting the ban can be dangerous. Some European countries such as Italy, Germany, Spain and France have reduced the pace of the spread of the epidemic, but the risk of community transmission has increased in 16 countries in Africa. Therefore, at present, the decision to relax restrictions may be risky ‘.

So far, 1.5 million cases of corona virus have been reported and 92,000 deaths have been recorded, said Gebrecius. The first case of Corona was registered in Yemen on Friday. The problem is that Yemen has been facing war for years, due to which health facilities have reached a weak position there. If the infection spreads there, it will be difficult to control. Many doctors have also lost their lives in the treatment of infected patients. Expressing unhappiness over this, the Director General of WHO said, ‘Health workers are vulnerable to infection. Reports of up to 10 percent of health workers being infected in some countries are an alarming trend. On the organization supplying the necessary resources to combat the corona to needy countries, he said, ‘Every month we get at least 100 million medical masks and gloves, 25 million N95 respirators, gowns and face shields, 2.5 million diagnostic test kits and large quantities. Oxygen concentrators and other devices must be sent to needy countries’.

Several countries, including China, have decided to relax measures such as lockdowns or eliminate them altogether. Along with Austria, Denmark has also announced the lifting of the ban this week. In addition, Spain and Italy are also looking to move in the same direction. However, no final decision has been taken in this regard yet. At the same time, the Norwegian government has agreed to gradually remove the lockdown from next week. There is also a plan to relax it in Iran.

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